We encourage you to refer to our dark balsamic as “Traditional Style Condimento, Aged Up to 18 Years”.  Our dark condimento is of the highest quality and is made in Modena, Itlay from cooked, high quality caramelized grape must from Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes.  The grape must in our Condimento is cooked over an open wood fire, just as DOP Traditional Balsamic grape must is.  It is cooked down to the same consistency, density and dry solid extracts, actually.  DOP Traditional Balsamic dictates that  wood-fire-cooked grape must is then put directly in to old, fired wood barrels which were used to age balsamic in years past.  These barrels become progressively smaller as the product becomes thicker and naturally evaporates over time.  The barrels as well as the product they once contained, add character to the must over time.  Nothing is ever added to the cooked, caramelized must of DOP balsamic.  Pro-biotic wild yeast and acetic bacteria colonize it and eventually raise the acidity. It slowly ages in this manner and turns in to “vinegar” by itself over the course of many years, hence the scarcity and price tag.

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